Penguin Games 08

As things heat up in Beijing, things are getting even hotter in Club Penguin! The Penguin Games have started!

The best way to start it, is to follow the checklist, which is located at the top right corner of the screen.

You can start with any event, but I started from the top. The first event is The Marathon. You start in the Ski Village and run all the way to the end which is the cove. Remember, you can’t skip anything because you MUST stop at the lights. If you miss one, you  have to go back and light it up.

Second event is the Three Lap race at the Iceburg. Same rules apply about the lights. You have to run around the iceburg track three times. Make sure you light up the lights!

And the last event is Freestyle swimming at the Pool. Again, make sure to light up the lights! You have to swim 6 lengths across the pool.

Wait, you have all the events done don’t you? 😮 That means.. you can collect your prize! And your prize is…. A GOLD METAL! Great work!

After finishing the games, you can go hunt for the Face Paints. You don’t have to look very far though… For the Red Paint is in the Coffee Shop and the Blue in the Pizza Parlor!

Now you may ask, what team am I for? Blue of course!

One more thing about the Penguin Games, did you know Club penguin had a blimp? I spotted it at the football field. If you’re a member you can go there. If not, then here’s a picture.

In other news, on the Community Page, theres a new penguin poll! I voted for searching for pins right away. I usually don’t ask.. 😀

That’s it for today!

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