Rockhopper Returns and White Puffle Clue!

Rockhopper has returned! There’s a funny glitch where the Migrator is spelled Migrateur! XD


Rockhopper brought back the treasure background, but there’s other cool stuff in Rockhopper’s Rare Items! Click the X in the wall map for the pothole!



Here’s Rockhopper’s to do list! If you look closely at one of the pictures, in the background you can see the white puffle!


There’s a new postcard that you can send to your friends, saying that you’ve met Rockhopper!


The new pin, which is an O-Berry, is located at the Ice Berg! 🙂


There’s a new penguin poll and comic on the Community Page!



I made a poll for you to vote on whether I should submit a picture for the Snow Sculpture contest.

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!


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