Music Jam Stuff!

Finally! The Music Jam has started and half of me thinks it’s WAY kewler then last year!!!

Head over to the Cove to pick up a a pair of SNAZZY green headphones!!


If you’re a member, go grab that backstage pass from the Snow Forts!



Once you have that, you can go to the Rooftop, which can be accessed by the Dance Lounge, where Cadence will show up…



…or the Backstage, which can be accessed from the Dock, where the Penguin Band shows up!



You can get the Boom box from the Rooftop, while you’re there.


In the left hand corner of the Backstage, you can buy some instruments.

Click the “I” in Music for the Snare Drums and Drumsticks…


…And click the O in Catalog to get the Black Electric Guitar!! 😀


Finally!!! After 3 years I FINALLY got the Black Electric Guitar!!! First year it came out, wasn’t a member. Second year, I didn’t have enough coins.. This year, I GOT IT! 😀


Until next time,

Jam on and Rock out!!


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