Fire Dojo Updates and Sensei!

Hello ninjas of all ages. Sensei always has wise words to speak and often makes me ponder on them. You may get the chance to meet him if you head to the Ninja Hideout or the Fire Dojo. Oh! That’s right! The fire dojo is finally completed! Ninjas will soon learn fire jitsu!

I also met Sensei today. He had more wise words to say, but he also had a message for a sad non-member that couldn’t go to the Fire Dojo. He said, “You have a different mission. Instead of going to the fire dojo, you must help train other ninjas. I’m leaving that responsiblity to you.”

Sensei is so kind, to both members and non-members. His words could cheer up the saddest soul.

If you hadn’t noticed, he’s wearing a new fire outfit. The background is the same, but his outfit is different.

What I love about Sensei is that he responds to us. He responded to me, which made me so happy!!

After he said Sensei vanish, he didn’t really disappear. We found him out and he chuckled and said, “Hehehe. I cannot fool you. But, I believe now, that you are ready.”

Yes Sensei, we are ready to step up and take the challenge that you have put before us. It’s time to show everyone what we’re made of!!

Until next time,


lol, just kidding.


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