Another Visit from Sensei on Chinook (Again)

Hello fellow ninjas, I met Sensei again, but his visit today was short. We played two games after he spoke of our training, then he had to go. 😦 I guess Sensei is busy today. None the less, it was an enjoyable time.There was a large crowd though, so that took some pleaser away from it.

Then we played a game. Sensei asked us to throw snowballs at the sea animal gong that he called. He said seahorse and we all laughed because there wasn’t one. 😛

Then he asked us what our favorite game was and most of us said Card-Jitsu. When someone asked him if he wanted to play it, he said, “No, I need a break from Card-Jitsu.” I can understand that. He battles a lot of penguins each day. Take as long of a break you want Sensei. You deserve it. 🙂 (Shoot I forgot to save the picture)

Of course, all good things have to end sometime, and Sensei poofed away in a cloud of smoke. Who knows, maybe I’ll see him again soon!

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!

Ninja Bubblegum423


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