Card-Jitsu Fire Begins! (And Guide to the Game!)

Wow! Already? It’s not even the 24th yet! Oh wait, that’ll be in like only a few hours :P. I’m heading online to see if it really is up. Meanwhile you can read this post.

It’s here! If you’re a member ninja and have the mask and the Amulet, head to the Fire Dojo now for the chance to play Card-Jitsu Fire first!!

4 ninjas can play all at once – If you want to practice with friends, you can go to the mats – or if you want to earn your Fire Suit, talk to Sensei! There are a couple of different types of battles you can have on the game board.

Hey – those of you with new Card-Jitsu Fire trading card codes have been getting a message that we weren’t quite ready for them. We’re really sorry for the delay – and we wanted to say thank you for being so patient! They’re ready now and you can redeem them for your online cards. We also wanted to remind you that if you see anything that could be a bug, let us know so we can squash it…

I’m online right now and updating as I play! Go to the Fire Dojo and talk to Sensei. He’ll guide you through it. First off though, you’ll receive a new deck of fire cards. Awesome huh?

Click on Sensei’s outfit and he’ll explain how you can earn your own. I think it looks pretty snazzy! After you earn your fire suit, challenge Sensei to receive a gem for your amulet!

Onto challenging, check out the battlefield! It’s epic! We’re actually in the volcano!

Depending on how many players you have, you take turns moving. When it’s your turn, Click on one of the tiles in the center. A number will show up. You will then pick which spot to go to. Depending on which one you go to, you will have to use a certain type of card.

For instance, if you got a choice between snow or fire from getting the number 5, you would choose one and use that type of card that you have in your deck. Whoever chooses the higher number card wins. Your choice of card is on the left side, while the others cards are shown on the right.

At the beginning of the game, you start out with 6 energy points. If you win against someone else, you will keep your points. But if you lose against someone, you will lose an energy point. You can keep track of how many you have. It will be next to your name and penguin.

If you land on a spot where another penguin is standing, you and them are engaged in a card-jitsu battle, just like old card-jitsu. Fire beats ice, ice beats water, and water beats fire. In a battle like this, if you win, you earn an energy point. If you lose, the other person earns an energy point instead. If you all tie, none of you will lose your energy.

The five different tiles lined around the battlefield are ice, fire, water, VS player and you choose.

The VS player space is where you can challenge a certain player, unless you’re in a one-on-one battle. You are then engaged in a card-jitsu battle. If you win here you will also win an energy point, just like landing on a spot with another player.

If you land on the you choose the element space, you will be able to pick which element you want to battle with. I’d suggest using the element that is the highest number in your deck.

If you want to see how you’re progressing, click on the card set on the bottom right hand corner of the screen in the Fire Dojo. You earn EXP from winning matches; 1st, 2nd, and I think 3rd sometimes. The progress bar shows you how far away you are until your next item to build your Fire Suit with. I belive there are… 4 items you need to earn. But trust me, it won’t be easy!

Ah! One more very important thing. In some cases, another player may land on a tile and you don’t have a card element of that type. In a situation like that, you automaticly lose that turn, although you still have to pick a card. I would pick the lowest card in your deck just to get rid of it.

I trying to get my brain back onto the train of thought. I lost it in the last battle.. Anyways, I don’t think there’s anything else that I can share with you in order to play the game. But hey, why listen to me ramble on? Go play the game for yourself and find out what else I forgot! (Please post a comment if I left something out or some information is wrong, thank you!)

Until next time,

Good luck in your training in the Fire Dojo!

Ninja Bubblegum423


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  1. Jeez, I lost track of the days. My membership expires on WEDNESDAY(tomorrow) and not TODAY!!! 😛 😛 Btw, the game sounds so cool(can’t try it out yet. Technical Difficulties)

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