December Penguin Style Catalog, Pin & Card-Jitsu Fire Video

Today’s weather just isn’t pretty. It’s pretty cold, wet and gloomy. But I’m not about to let that spoil my day!! šŸ˜€

I started this update this morning, but I had to go to school before I could finish. I checked out the Penguin Style catalog and found the pin. Now I’m in a wintery mood!

For the secrets, I daresay again, there are a lot of them. For the first couple of pages, there’s the stocking cap,snare drum, drumsticks, trumpet, acoustic guitar and long johns. Whew thats’ a lot!

For the next few pages, there’s the black superhero mask and the black cape. Then there are two new backgrounds and two old.

The pin, a bell, is available in the Forest! *jingle jingle!*

If you were unable to watch the Card-Jitsu fire video, it’s now available to everyone in the Courtyard!

Thats’ all for today! Tomorrow the weekend! šŸ˜€ Until next time,
Waddle on and discover new adventures!


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