Christmas Party Updates!! YIPPEEE!!!!!

WHOOT!!!!! A WHOLE TWO WEEK BREAK!! To make things even better, the Christmas party is more EPIC than eva!!

There’s so much to do on the island! If you pay close attention too, you’ll see there are toys littered everywhere!

You can pick up the santa hat, a classic Christmas item at the Ski Village! If you want the pin, it’s upstairs in the Attic, and it’s really big for a pin! O_O

If you want to see Santa’s workshop, it’s in the Dance Lounge! Also, if you’re a member, head through the door on the back wall to be Santa’s secret helper to deliver presents! You’ll get a cool Santa suit for it!

The object of the game is to get the presents into the chimney.

If you want to get a good majority of presents in, wait until the chimney is right about here, then drop the present.

There’s a concert at the Lighthouse sponsoring Coins for Change! If you have an instrument, you can play in the band!

There’s a huge Christmas tree set up in the Forest! The snowballs you throw turn into ornaments that you can decorate the tree with! šŸ˜€ EPIC!

Once again, the HQ and EPF HQ are both decorated for Christmas!!!

What? That was a short post! D:< I wanted to write more! MORE! lol. Ignore me. Merry Christmas though! *rings bell* Until next time,

9 responses to “Christmas Party Updates!! YIPPEEE!!!!!

  1. o btw when you switch the tv on in the Command room and get the channel with the 2 penguins talking, one will be wearing an elf hat and another wearing a santa hat.

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