Mine Caves In, Secret Caverns Revealed! Mine Connects to Underground Water?

Told you it would only be a few minutes before my next post! One on top of the other! Whoooo!

After hard working and lots of drilling, the Mine wall has finally caved in, revealing a secret cavern! (Hey! Didn’t I say something like that in my last post?)

Before you head in, pick up a hard hat if you don’t already have one. Put it on. You’ll need it for this next part.

Once you go in, to get to the next room, you’ll need to dig around the cave for different pieces of the treasure, aka an amethyst pin!

Here’s a picture of the pieces. You need four in all to complete it.

Once you obtain all the pieces and get the pin, the boulder in the corner of the room will roll back, giving you access to the next room!

Once you’re inside, if you’re a member, you can buy the diving suit for only 50 coins! Man! What a deal!

There’s not much to do in this room, but if you’re a member (again), you can go through the underwater door and into the seaaaaa!!

There’s a undersea background you can pick up there. I wonder how the Mine connected with the sea. Huh! And to think, this evaded us all these years!

The title screen has a new banner to fly about the underwater passage! The water in the picture looks mythical. O3O

Oh! One more thing, there’s a new look for the treasure books at the bottom. I guess designing the fancy little books was a little annoying, so the Club Penguin Team made it more simple! ๐Ÿ˜€

Until next time,
Waddle on and discover new adventures!



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