New Stage Sneak Peek!

Oh Monday, happy Monday.. NOT. Back to school for the week! Blast I’m tired. X_X Well, there is one thing that brightens up my day! The new stage sneak peek that will be coming out on Friday! Is it a lionishy, dragonishly thingy..?

Starting this Friday there’s a brand new play at the Stage! Secrets of the Bamboo Forest has a few surprises and the team’s been working really hard to get it all ready. I shouldn’t give away all the secrets, but the team wanted to show you this:

Pretty cool statue, don’t you think?

Also on Friday, you’ll find a new puffle furniture catalog in the Pet Shop. We’re excited about that, too, because we think you’re going to be stoked about some of the new stuff for your puffles.

Let us know what kind of adventures you’re finding on the island today!

Pretty cool! DORITOS! ๐Ÿ˜€ XD


3 responses to “New Stage Sneak Peek!

  1. ok i know exactly wat thats for, the chinese new year!!!! think about it its like a dragon and a lion if mi correct that has to do somethoing wiht china, plus bamboo hello! bamboo is grown in chino cause of pnda bears! itmakes total sense to me

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