You Decide: New Hat Action

Hi everyone! It’s been a quick Wednesday, so I have a little more time to stay and chat with you.  The Club Penguin Team has posted another You Decide! This one is about a new hat motion! Personally I voted for the jack hammer that makes trees because that would be awesome! 😀

The team would like your help deciding on something that’s coming out in April!

We’re thinking about a new item and we’re really hoping you can help us pick a special action to go along with it. If you had a new hat with an action, what would you like to be able to do the most?

If you can see this, your browser doesn’t understand IFRAME tags.
a shovel that digs
a shovel that digs
a jackhammer that makes flowers
a jackhammer that
makes flowers
a jackhammer that makes trees
a jackhammer that
makes trees

Click on the one you’d like to see most! As always, for You Decide posts we turn the comments off so nothing slows down when you’re voting. Comments will be back on tomorrow.

Thanks for helping us decide!

I’m guessing for Earth day? Or.. Going green? Anyways, I think almost everyone voted for the tree jack hammer. EPIC!

Until next time which is hopefully soon, oh wait, tomorrow, XD

Have a sweet time waddling around!



One response to “You Decide: New Hat Action

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