Febuary Furniture and Igloo Catalogs

NOTE: Time flies so quickly, I have to quicken my pace with this post because I have a Pre MPA concert at school for Chorus in an hour, but my dad’s leaving earlier, so I’m going with him. O_O

On top fo the newspaper and Puffle Party, there is also a new Furniture and Igloo catalog! 😀

Click on the inside of the mailbox for the blue lamp, an oldie making a comeback.

Click on the couch for the portal box, which seems to have some glitches in it (for me anyways)

Lamp for the HD TV..

(I know, I’m too lazy to retake this picture because the snowman page now says clearance)

Ski Rack for Snowboard Rack..

Little blue birdy for the Nutcracker…

Bow for the Mini Christmas Tree…

Star for the Christmas Lights… Hey, I liked the sound of that!

If I missed something in the catalog, PLEASE let me know and I will update it, giving you credit for the information.

The igloo catalog never has new secrets, which is why I never put them in. Now all I put is the new items and new igloos.

FISHING! LIME CARPET! SEIZER!! lol sorry. I wanted to say that 😛

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!



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