Orange Puffle Avaliable for Members Now!

Sorry for no update yesterday. I was busy finishing today’s homework in advance, I went to watch a movie, “Letters to God” and I had to prepare for MPA today.

Ignore me, there’s a lot to cover in a short while, since I’m going to a youth group tonight. First up, the orange puffle! After many sightings around the island, it’s finally been captured! (Not needed to be tamed) You can pick up one now at the Pet Shop for 800 coins!

No offence to them, but they are a little.. just a little strange to me. They sort of remind me of the country folk. (I’m not meaning anything offensive!)

They… I guess hula hoop when you dance with them, and they love to play with their tractor and sleep.

I bought one just for the quirks of it, cause it sort of also reminds me of myself sometimes! XD

Until next post,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!



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