Puffles Missing? (Updated!)

So I decided to take a waddle around the island and see if anything was out of place. One of the first places I went was the Dance Club, where I expected to see the green puffle dancing on the speaker. But strangely enough…

he was gone!! Where did he go? A little strange to take a vacation so suddenly! :O Same with Yarr, although he ran away. I wonder why?

He’s not the only puffle missing. The yellow puffle that used to be on the boat at the stage every 30 minutes is also gone! I know this because I saw it float past with no puffle, but I forgot to take a snapshot 😛

I’m not too sure if the blue puffle at the Pet Shop is gone either, because when I’m on a different language, the puffle near the Puffle Roundup game isn’t there…

…But when I go onto the English servers, the puffle IS there! Is it a glitch or something?

Anyways, if I were you, I’d keep a close eye on your puffles. I’m a bit suspicious that pesky polar bear Herbert is behind this.. After all, he DID have a blueprint that showed that he was planning something with puffles! But I could be mistaken and they could all be discovering something new and cool!

NOTE: Yes, the puffles are all safe for the moment. They are all behind the cave wall that was temporarily shut down. You can see the yellow puffle here.

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!



One response to “Puffles Missing? (Updated!)

  1. hmm i never noticed the blue puffle in the pet shop! im gonna keep an eye on nmy four puffles for sure! i wonder wta herbert i planning if its him…..i heard theres gonna be a new puffle game! 🙂 that would be awseom! and with that black screen in the hq maybe theres gonna be a new room!

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