Puffle Rescue Game! *Tips Included!

Well, the one time I get up early to update, there’s nothing to update! Oh well. I got a lot done this morning and now I can post quicker! šŸ™‚

The Mine Tunnel has opened up again and you can dig for coins!

In the Secret Waterway, the door to the ocean has been blocked by a door. When you click on the door, this message pops up.

As for the official game, there are three levels. One is for everyone and the other two, (on the right) are member exclusive. Sorry non-members! šŸ˜¦

If you want instructions for the game, it’s located on the bottom right of the page.

The game is somewhat like Frogger, if you’ve ever heard of it. It’s an old video game where you had to get a frog to the other side of the road without getting run over by a car. Here, you have to get your penguin across to the other side and back without falling off. (For the first level)

After you rescue to puffle, you’ll get a message like this. “Thank you -insert penguin name here-!”

*Be careful! If you move to fast on the ice, you may skid. This means nothing really important though. Also beware of small cracks in the ice. You can stand on them, but only for a second before they crack and cave in. Sharks are another problem, but they move in patterns. Watch their patterns and try to avoid where they eat, and you’ll be homefree! šŸ™‚

Wherever you pick up a puffle, the spot that they were in is a save spot. For example, you save one puffle then save another. If you go back to the spot where the first puffle was saved, your progress is saved thus far. Meaning, if you fall in the water, you won’t go back to where you picked up the second puffle.

Let’s skip level two for now and go to level 3. This is an underwater theme, and you have to save a black puffle from a bubble cage. Quickly swim across the open water to land. If you stay out in the sea too long, you’ll sink.

*BEWARE of the octopuses!! They may look cute and cuddly, but they give quite a shock! Stear clear of them!

Okay, fans. Sometimes the puffles are really high up and you can’t reach them. Thats where the fans come in use. They propel you high enough to swim quickly to the black puffles and sometimes back. Remember: Fans are your friends.

Another friend of yours is the bubble. They appear in some levels and when you’re crossing a long distance, they can help you stay air, or in this case, waterborne for a short time, although they’re not as effective as the fan..

In the levels with very little to no land and many bubbles rising, the puffles aren’t located on land, but in floating bubbles. It makes finding them slightly harder, but more fun and treacherous to get >u<

*Ah! Speaking of staying afloat and puffles, the more puffles you have with you, the bigger chance of sinking or slipping. So when you have a lot of puffles, (I think the limit’s three?) be quick and careful about your path. BUT! You can drop off puffles at the start at ANY time. Some penguins do this to lighten their load.
NOW! Onto the strange letter on the door. If you’re a member, start the 3rd level. After you get the black puffle, the giant squid, yes that’s right, the giant squid will suddenly appear from the bottom of the screen! :O The note says to follow it, so.. do so!
It’s pretty hard since you have a long distance to travel with no land, but a few bubbles are there to help you. unfortunately, if you sink you have to start over. šŸ˜¦ *Don’t let the squid get too far ahead. He speeds up a bit.
*is working on it right now*
*five minutes later* YES! Finally! I found my way to this trench FAR away from the beginning.
Travel through it, you can use the blue ledges to stay afloat, and, huh? An underwater stairwell? Or a trap?
…Nope! Congratulations! You’ve found your way into the Underwater Pass! Claim the key pin as your reward.
Yup. sorry šŸ˜‰ I guess since it was only a game you earned both coins AND a pin? ^^;
I’ll get to the 2nd level later after my homework. šŸ™‚
Ha! Well, until next time,
Waddle or Swim and Save Some Puffles!

3 responses to “Puffle Rescue Game! *Tips Included!

  1. ugh evrytime i try to get the key i fail! im following the squid and i just sink! and i cant pop bubbles! erg X(

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