Puffle Rescue: Level 2 Tips & Hardhat in Cave Mine

Phew! Just finished my homework. I was having a bit of trouble with it. ^^;Ā  Here’s the second level tips guide or you.

Before the game, you can pick up an orange hard hat at the Cave Mine! I never noticed that before; is it new?

Okay, I have to admit, the second level is the hardest in my opinion. Level three is scary, but two is just hard. šŸ˜›

You have to cross mine cart to the other side where the poor pink puffles are located in the dark. Some carts move faster then others, some move very slow. There are two kinds of crates, safe, and not safe. XP The crate with the wood stapled onto it is safe to stand on for as long as you want. The crates WITHOUT the wood you may only stand on for a moment before it caves in and you fall.

The longer away from a checkpoint you are, (the tiles the puffles are found on or start) they darker the mine around you will get. It won’t completely go dark, but it makes it harder to see what’s ahead or behind you.

A few levels after the start, there will occasionally be a long pipe surrounding the stage. Air pumps through this pipe and comes out in several spots. (The places it’s capped) Avoid this strong burst of air or you’re in danger of being knocked over the edge.

*The cool thing is, there’s sometimes a little bonus waiting for you after the pipes. šŸ˜‰ A bag with fluffy on it is a little coin bonus!

A level or two later, some strange machines show up. They are snowball machines and when they target you, it’ll follow your direction and launch a snow ball at you. This is both good and bad.

To avoid the snowballs and the cannon’s view, the rocks below keep you hidden and the snowballs out.

The bad thing is, if you’re hit by a snowball, like the burst of air, you’ll be knocked over the edge if you’re next to it.

The GOOD thing is, you can earn points by destroying other snowball shooters. With a little maneuvering and solid ground, you can get a snowball from a machine to hit another machine and destroy it! One less snowball to worry about šŸ™‚

Simpler words: Have one cannon’s snowball destroy the other by standing between them until one glows and fires a snowball. Then you can move.

Another good and bad thing. The bat! Sometimes there are puffles high up and you can’t get up to them. If there’s a pad anywhere around, you can step on it and a bat will come to your aid. Friendly thing! šŸ˜€

NOW’s the part where it’s good AND/Or bad. You control the bat’s movements by using your arrow keys. Keep it from bumping into obstacles or you’ll fall.

Those are all the little tips I have for you in this level! Why don’t you go any play it for yourself? What’s the highest level you can get to?

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!



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