Club Penguin Times Issue #231: Puffle Rescue Review & The Penguin Play Awards

If this post is a little past my due time, I do apologize.. I was bored and got carried away with some picture editing. ^^;

Puffle Rescue has gotten some pretty good reviews! Personally, I like the game because it’s a nice fun and quick way to earns some coins! I edited this picture by a smidge too, by giving the shark a sparkly eye and the penguin some sweat drops. It’s not really easy to see though ^^;
I hope I don’t get in trouble for editing a bit… 😦

There are five runner-ups for the Penguin Play Awards. I added the list onto the bulletin for the awards ceremony.

All the events? I changed the 26 to 25 if no one minds. The dates are still set for Friday.

Until my next post,
Waddle on and discover new adventures!!



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