Penguin Play Awards March 2010 + Puffle Catalog

Hello one and all! The long-awaited Penguin Play Awards have gotten underway!! This year there are five runner-ups, all hoping to win 1st place. GO RUBY AND THE RUBY! (Sorry, long time fan!) I’m also routing for Underwater Adventure! That was a good stage!

If you want to vote, you can head to the voting booth in the Plaza!

There you can pick which stage was best in five categories!

After you’re done with that, you can head to the stage for some more action!

There are videos inside that briefly show the stage’s story. You can either check out the catalog or head backstage if you’re a member.

For the catalog, there are three secrets. One located in the statue…

…One in the scope of the sub…

…And one in the VS. 🙂

Backstage, you can pick up two free items, the trophy and the camera!

Another free item for all penguins is the reporter’s hat! Get ready to cover a story!

I’m getting a bit hungry.. The Pizza Parlor has been turned into a fancy shmancy restaurant for the awards! I like the style! 😀

And for some strange reason, there’s a new Puffle Catalog! This wasn’t in last week’s events was it?

Click the chair’s arm for the puffle condo, a classic living for several puffles.

Click on the red or black puffle for the red and grey puffle houses!

Click on the title on the top left for the grey bed!

Is that all? I think so. If something’s missing, be sure to comment and let me know! 🙂

Until next time,

Have a good time at the awards!



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