CPT Issue #232: Winning Stage Set for March 30

I forgot about the newspaper update yesterday! Sorry! ^^;

The Penguin Play Awards will announce the winner on March 30th! Good Luck to all!

April Fools is coming up! Got a harmless prank to pull on your friends? The island’s getting ready for this too! 😀

The underground caves are here to stay! More exploring to do! I wonder if there’s a secret room somewhere in there… >:)

The events! Yay! A new catalog’s coming out on April Fools! Wanna bet it’s gonna be pretty wacky?

Until next time, (April Fools Day)

Waddle on and have some fun!

Bubblehgumeh423 (Teehee I3)


7 responses to “CPT Issue #232: Winning Stage Set for March 30

  1. Hmmm…I’ve decided what I’d like my new banner to look like! Ok(hopefully this is gonna be easy 4 u to do) urm…I’d like a plain, purple background, One penguin standing on your left hand bottom corner and another on the right hand bottom corner… and “Penopeng’s Club Penguin Blog” in the middle, (no speech marks) and that would be in blue( the “Penopeng’s Club Penguin Blog” thing) … that’s it! Hope you understand what I mean! (I’m not so good at explaining)

  2. WAIT WAIT WAIT… Jeez, silly me…umm…I’ll give you the link…
    Hopefully it’s gonna open up the window with the penguin picture

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