Behind-the-Scenes Interview in Club Penguin HQ on!

Hey, it’s Bubblegum here. Check out the video I just found while I was on! It’s an exclusive behind the scenes in the real Club Penguin HQ in Canada!

I could die, I’m so happy 😀 I hope someone puts it on Youtube so I can fav it!

Here are some screenshots of some of the coolest parts to me. I would screenshot them all, but it would take a while 😛

So they draw out each room before they transfer it to the computer and color it in? Sweet! That’s what I call planning!

Wow! He’s lucky, I wish I had a touch screen so I could draw as easily as on paper! Beats a tablet by a long shot! What program is he using too? Sorry, I’m an artist, so I ask questions like this. 😛

Oh shnap! He’s also lucky! I wish I had all the CP toys! But I don’t, and sadly, not even one. I should buy some shouldn’t I?

If you want to see the video, the link’s below. Don’t worry, I won’t send you on a wild goose chase. This link’s the real deal. 🙂

Until the next time we talk,

Waddle on and have some fun!

Ah! Speaking of which, I have a poll for you. It’ll be in the side pretty soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


4 responses to “Behind-the-Scenes Interview in Club Penguin HQ on!

  1. no wait wait… at the end when the lady says there’s that giveaway thing…does she mean it ends THIS December or it ended LAST December?

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