April Fools Party Guide!

Happy April Fools everyone! Bubblegum423 here with the where to around the island! (HUH?)

There are lots of new surprises around the island! See if you can find them all. πŸ™‚

The first free item, the red propellor hat, can be obtained by going to the dock and throwing snowballs at the canvas to make a picture!

After the picture is finished, a spring with the hat on it should appear to your right.

If you’re a member, there’s a free item for you too. Head for the big door at the Snow Forts and go in.

You’ll end up in a room like this!

The Jester Hat sitting on the pillow is your free item! Now you can look cool and goofy at the same time! πŸ˜›

Hey, if you want to have a snowball fight with your friends, why not have a FOOD FIGHT with your friends at the Pizza Parlor? Every snowball you throw turns into some kind of food! Aww.. Bye bye yummy pizza! 😦

If you try to teleport to the Mine, you’ll be greated with a loading screen! It’ll never load, because it’s there for the laughs, so if you want to continue to the Mine, click on the circling arrows.

That’s all for the party. Next is the catalog and CPT πŸ™‚ Waddle on and have a wacky time!

Bubbleish gum 4 2




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