Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Locations and Prize!

Since Earth Day is underway, there’s a scavenger hunt to find trashed items around the island in order to clean up a bit! There’s a prize waiting for you at the end. The first one can be found in the Coffee Shop on the tree. Poor cup 😦

Next is found in the puffle shop. O’ ye poor ol’ o’ berreh’ box!

The barrel of cream soda can be foundat the Cove in the corner left of your screen.

Ooh! Hot hot hot! Hotsause is hidden near the wall of the Dojo!

Again for the Coffee Shop? Head to the Book Room. The coffee bag’s waiting for you.

*looks at paper* Wow! That’s a REEALLY old issue of the newspaper in the Forest!

The pizza box, which is sadly empty, is on the tubes in the Ski Village.

Final item! The oil barrel is right outside the Mine door! Oh, um, that is if the Mine HAD a door XD

For all your hard work, you get…. *drumroll* A pin!

……… That’s it? A PIN?!

No, I’m kidding. It’s awesome. 😀



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