Recycling Center Guide

Gary has outdone himself again. I admit, the center is pretty darn sweet. Outside is just as good!

You can throw snowballs into the funnel to provide water for the watering system! It’ll grow plants, unlike anything we have now O_O


PIZZA TREEES!!! (Sorry, I had too much sugar today xP)

Oh! The free item outside is the watering hat! It’s outside the Mine and if you push D without anything but the hat, you’ll start watering!

Inside’s more fun, Every snowball you throw turns into some piece of trash from your scavenger hunt. If you aim it at the machine…

…It’ll come out as something cool! Such as a lamp, sculpture, anvil, etc.

Sweet! Also, there’s a new shortcut to Mine if you feel too lazy to use your map. The shortcut’s located in the Forest!

Hope you enjoy the new recycling center! Until next time,
Waddle on and have a happy Earth Day!


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