Herbert's Revenge Sneak Peek #4(?)

Is it fourth or fifth sneak peek? I lost track two weeks ago. Or could it be three?

Well, looks like most of you bloggers were right about the sneak peek being a lair. Herbert’s totally awesome lair I’m guessing 🙂

It’s Saturday, which means I’ve got another sneak peek of “Herbert’s Revenge” for all of you.

We’ve heard from lots of you who’ve been putting together the clues. Many have guessed the pictures are of a secret lair… And you’re right!


This lair actually has FOUR rooms in total – each one with a special purpose. Here are parts of the other two rooms…


For those of you who are figuring out the clues, pay close attention. You may be able to piece together some of what’s going to happen in “Herbert’s Revenge”… And maybe even some things coming to Club Penguin.

So what do you think? Any ideas or clues you want to share? Let us know in the comments, and check out next Saturday for another sneak peek of “Herbert’s Revenge”.

Daaang! Herbert’s been busy! And where did he get most of those items like the spy cameras? Did he break into HQ or build them? Dang. Whatever he’s planning, it must be big!

Until next time,

Try and piece these two pictures together!


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