Club Penguin Knight’s Quest 1 Walkthrough

Two quests, double the fun! Head for the Mine to begin! Pick the door on the left for this one.

Check out the instructions on the wall first if you’re new at this.

Now.. ENTER!

All right, for the first challenge, you have to light up al the orbs around the room. Pretty easy right?

After you open the door, head to the next challenge, which is to hit the targets 50 times! I recommend using the T button on your keyboard and holding it down while clicking. It’ll make things go quicker.

And while you’re there, pick up the shield and flag!

Once the door opens, your next challenge awaits you! Not as easy now, is it?

Your next and final challenge is to find your way through the maze. Seems hopeless right? Well, it’s not. There’s a little hint hanging on the wall..

Each picture represents a direction. You can find these pictures in the two previous quest rooms. They tell you where to go.

…And it’s also hanging above a free item to go with the shield and flag!

Also, if you go down the wrong path a few times, you’ll come to a room where hints will be shown to you. Get lost 3 times and you’ll get the directions to where you need to go. And the arrows will glow, showing you the way. (Also, I think it’s the same as last year -_-)

*If you want to do the maze on your own, I’d recommend you scroll to the bottom of this post and scroll up until you see the prize.


You first head down…

Then left…

Them down…

Then right twice

Then up!

Congratulations! After a blinding light, you’ve made it to the Awards room! Go claim your prize!

Time to face the next challenge!

Knight Bubblegum423


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