Club Penguin Knight’s Quest 2 Walkthrough

Welcome fellow knights, to Quest #2! This time pick the door on the right.

This quest is much harder and requires a little brain power. *Again, if you don’t want the answers spoiled, scroll past this post.

The first challenge gives you a riddle… To open the passage, you have to put the flames out in the statue’s torches. It takes three snowballs to put out the flame completely.

After you throw the snowballs, it’ll look like this.

Do that to all the statues and your path will reveal itself! Head for the next challenge!

The next challenge you have to think about. I can’t really help you because it changes sometimes. Just know this, you have to get the key tile into the keyhole. It’ll take a bit of work, but it’s fun.

Once you do, again your path will be revealed!

Oh! And if you ever come back after you finished the quest, you can always push the red button on the wall to skip this step. But you can only do it AFTER you’ve solved it once.

While you’re in the next room, pick up the free item, a noble steed made out of cardboard šŸ™‚

Through the final doors lies your biggest challenge! Prepare yourself…


Quickly! Now you need bravery to face this thing! Click the instructions if you want, or try and figure it out yourself!

Beware! If the dragon blows fire and you have water in the barrel, it’ll evaporate! So make sure you have someone throwing snowballs at him!

After hitting him three times with water…

…The dragon will break down and your door to victory will open!

Congratulations and welcome to the dragon’s home! Nice place huh? All gold like and such?

Your reward, a toothbrush pin and an endless (x99) supply of dragons gold for your igloo!

Thanks for listening! Until next time,

Hark! Waddle and quest on!

Knight Bubblegum423


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