Herbert's Revenge Sneak Peek!!

Billybob has another sneak peek for us!! It’s pretty dang cool O_o

It’s Saturday, which means I’ve got a new sneak peek of “Herbert’s Revenge” for you. We’ve been really impressed with everyone’s efforts to put the pictures of the secret lair together.

We’ve heard from many of you who are curious about how “Herbert’s Revenge” will affect the island, and how it’s tied into the new PSA mission. With both coming soon, I can say that there are big things planned for agents, and that’s just the beginning.

Get ready for some major upgrades on the island. Here’s a sneak peak of something you’re going to see really soon.

Agent Sneak Peek.jpgSo what do you think? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to check out the new mission launched on Monday!

In other news – to celebrate the release of “Herbert’s Revenge”, there are two events being planned. One starts on May 22 at the Toys R Us in Times Square, New York. The other is on May 23 at the Disney Store in Glendale Galleria, Los Angeles.

Squeeeeek! That room looks awesome! Perhaps the entire EPF HQ?? Let me know what you think!

Waddle on and keep a sharp eye out!



7 responses to “Herbert's Revenge Sneak Peek!!

  1. Hi Bubble!
    I’ve replied to your comment on my blog, but I figured it would be a bit easier if I just replied to it over here too.
    So, yup, you can email me. =)

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  4. I MIGHT go to the release party and if I do I will bring meh camera. XD OMGOSH THAT EPF ROOM LOOKS SMASHING! X3 CANT WAIT! And I STILL think they should make a pie shop. 🙂

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