Me Unwrapping Herbert’s Revenge!

Okay, so I got the game two or three days ago, but I was busy playing it, so I didn’t bother to upload the video. 😛

Shoutout to my mom: Thank you so much for the game. You really made my day 🙂

Here’s what came with the game.

  • Herbert’s Revenge Game 😀
  • Herbert’s Revenge Manual
  • Herbert’s Revenge Poster 😀
  • Nintendo DS Health and Safety Precautions Booklet
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Instructional Booklet
  • DGamer Quickstart Guide
  • Exclusive EPF Coin Code 😀

I’ll be posting a guide on the game soon, but it’ll be on a new page. That makes things a bunch easier for me 🙂 Oh yeah, the game was awesome 😀 Herbert had a pretty nasty plan.

You can use the coin code to unlock some pretty cool EPF items!

Check out my cool new outfit! And I have Flare with me! 😮

Check it out, he can do tricks when you sit, wave, or dance!

He can weld stuff together…

Turn into a puffle of blue fire (EPIC)

Or even make a fire hoop and jump through it!

Until next time, Stay sharp and ready!



4 responses to “Me Unwrapping Herbert’s Revenge!

  1. i just want the code idk if you could use it twice 😛 im looking for one because i lost my sims game code and i looked one up on the web and it work :D:D:D: so i really want to know if the code will work (i used it with webkinz to :P)

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