Scavenger Hunt Locations!

The Adventure Party is awesome! And there’s even a scavenger hunt! Here are the locations of all eight boats if you’re having a hard time finding them!

1. Forest near chat bar.

2. Above the Lighthouse door.

3. Snow Forts; bushes near path to Town.

4. Hidden Lake underground; above sign.

5. Plaza; behind puffle’s bandana.

6. Town; Tiki cup near Coffee Shop.

7. Ski Village; behind puffle sign.

8. Ice Berg; In leaning palm tree.

The boats are all crumpled up pieces of a big map! Your job is to put it together!

After you reassemble the map, this message will pop up.

If you click Claim Prize, you’ll receive a Treasure Cove background. Matches the X spot right?

If you go drill at the Cove where the big X is, with a hard hat of any color, you’ll receive the Pirate Bandana! (If you don’t have a hard hat, they’re available at the Cave Mine, or where the jackhammer is at the Cove.)

Awesome huh? Did you have fun with the treasure hunt? Do you think the prize was worth it?

Until next time, Waddle on ye scallywags!



2 responses to “Scavenger Hunt Locations!

  1. Hello, you have been invited to me and my sister RedDecker4’s Club Penguin Party tomorrow (SATURDAY), and if you come, you could win a COIN CODE! Here are the details:

    Date: June 19th (Saturday)

    Time: 4:00 P.M. (SNOW FORT TIME)

    Server: Grizzly

    Room: Lighthouse!

    Tons of penguins are coming to play games, have fun, and try to win a Coin Code! Expect full rooms and TONS of fun! If you can come, leave a comment at my site so I can put you in the drawing for the Coin Code. See you there!

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