Snowborber’s Party was Cool!

Hey everyone, I just got back from Snowborber’s party. Not many people showed up, but being a good host such as her, she found a way to make it rock! 😉

First we played tag. LOL, we tagged each other.

Uh, wait, who’s it now? XD

Me and Pengweeno116 are good buds hanging out.

Afterwards we went Sledding! Oops! There goes Dani and Aka! Sorry Snow! I’m on your head aren’t I?

Snowboarding’s tiring! Let’s go relax and play Find Four! Oops! I didn’t see that move! Good one Snow!

We’re friends now! Hope to see you again!

Go check out her blog! It’s pretty awesome!



10 responses to “Snowborber’s Party was Cool!

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