Field-Ops Mission #3 Guide!

This week’s Field-Ops was pretty easy, but none the less fun. Head to the HQ for your orders!

Aww! Do we HAVE to destroy it? Can’t we just bring it back to HQ to show as a memory? 😦

Spoilers below! Skip if you want to find the location on your own!

If you want to find the spy phone, most people would think you should head to the lighthouse because of the ”large light bulb”. Actually, the phone is located in the Cave Mine, which is inside of the Mine. It’s near that powerbox that lights the room.
(Did G make that thing? Could he maybe have extended the duration of the light per snowball?)

Time to overload the circuits! It’s exactly like the first Field-Ops mission!

Afterwards you receive another badge, that’s two for me! Hopefully I’ll get enough for the Alpha suit 😉

End Spoiler 🙂

Until next time, Waddle on and stay sharp!


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