Field-Ops Mission #5 Guide

Morning penguins! Here’s the 5th field-ops guide. Head to HQ for orders.

OH NO! Someone’s trying to ruin the music jam? Oh no they don’t!! >8(

Spoilers below! Skip past if you wish to do it yourself!

Look for a microphone.. There are tons around the island! But only one is the actual overloaded.. Yeah.

The microphone you’re looking for is the one in the Forest on the Western stage.

Again you’ll be set to do the first field-ops mission. Match the symbols with the one of their kind to short a circut.

End Spoilers

Congrats for your forth/fifth badge! Finally I can get the alpha suit! Check it out!

Now to save up for everything else! :)Yayyy!

Anything else? Oh yeah! If you haven’t already, please comment on my 50,000 hits party sticky post with a date and time.

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


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