Field-Ops Mission #7!

Time for another Field-Op for the week! Head to HQ for your orders from G!

Oh no!! That would be really bad if the beacon light went out. Ships traveling to Club Penguin, like the Migrator, wouldn’t be able to find it! D: Quickly! To the Beacon! Wait, did it just tell us where to find it? Well, that’s new.

SPOILERS BELOW! Don’t read on if you want to find it on your own!

Well, it tells us to go to the Beacon, so there we will go. And the location is actually pretty simple. Where else could it be hidden?

Near the On/Off control is where it is. Click somewhere around it until your spy phone rings.

Location Found! Another power up maze! If you’ve done this before, then it should be little to no problem!

Congratulations, another badge earned! Since I spent four on the suit and one on the shades, now I only have one left XD

Will field-ops in the future be as easy as this? What do you think?

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!



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