6 responses to “New Login Page, Member Events and Ski Village Preparations!

  1. I decided that you can take a second chance!Well you have some wrong! Here is your list that you submitted:
    1. A secret
    2. Your breath!
    3. Blind?
    4. February
    5. Notre Dame? or the letter R.. I’m going for the letter R. PaRis, see? XD
    6. Because 7, 8, 9! (seven ate nine!)
    7. Uhh.. Male driver? I think..

    If you know which are wrong you can replace them with the right ones!
    (Don’t approve comment)

  2. Why do people update this anyway? All well I suppose I should…

    For Everything CP, ……..,

    Pingu Pingey

  3. I discovered a rare cheat myslef:
    Giving tours without wearing hat:
    1.Don’t wear anything expect tour guide hat 2.Click on the preset messages button, hover over Activities and click on ‘Give A Tour’ 3.Quickly, take off tour guide hat! 4.You are giving tours without wearing the guide hat!

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