Missed Updates: Sept 13-Sept 17

Here’s the updates I missed from Sept 13- the 17th.

IMPORTANT! All of this information is from http://mpclubpenguin.wordpress.com/ NONE OF IT IS MINE!

Field-Ops Mission #14

Club Penguin needs you! Go to HQ and receive field-op by Gary! (Why couldn’t be someone else like: Rookie?)

– – – – – – – –

Spoilers BELOW (Stop Reading if you want to find location by your own)

– – – – – – – –

That’s right! Go to the iceberg!

Your phone will start ringing green! Click/Open it! Then finish your field-op by playing the last mini game!


You have done the latest field-op!

Spend your medal wisely…!

–Mini Pengy18

Club Penguin Times #257

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper! You better check it out cause it has some AWESOME, upcoming events! Please click here to view the newspaper!

A new team will arrive at September 24! That’s right! I’m talking about the yellow team!

Finally the events:

(Click here to enlarge image and read events)

That’s the newspaper everybody! –Mini Pengy18

Fairy Fables Stage

Hi everyone!  The new stage play is here, Fairy Fables!  Photo below:

Thank you for looking -Wobbler35097

Edit By Mini Pengy18:

Also You should Know The Catalog Secret:

The Catalog has some some patched items too (unavailable) I have contacted CP to fix this bug!

Better Igloos Catalog

Hey guys, the new igloo upgrades catalog is out!  Photos below:


First Page:

Items here are: White Board, Scroll-Down Map, Classroom Bell, Computer Desk, and Lockers.

Hidden items are: Umbrella Table (Click on the Computer’s Mouse)

Second Page:

Items here are: Classroom Desk, Classroom Chair, Wall Chalkboard, Log Bench, Log Chair, and Log Drawers.

Hidden items here are: Log Table (Click on top draw on the Log Drawers)

That’s all the new stuff from the catalog, and thank you for looking! -Wobbler35097


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