Club Penguin Field-Op Mission #18

Hey everyone! If you haven’t already noticed, there’s a new author on board with me! Mini Pengy! Be sure to welcome him and be friendly!

G’s got another mission for us this week! Head on over to HQ for your orders!

Snapping noises? Klutzy probably! If not him.. other crabs maybe? I wonder what’s going on..

Spoilers below! Don’t read on if you don’t want it spoiled for yourself!

There are only several water vehicles on the island. The Hydro Hopper boat, the Aqua Grabber, and that old sunken aqua grabber boat.

Stand near the water of the Hydro Hopper and your spy phone should start ringing!

Congrats! You’ve got yourself another badge!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


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