Coins for Change Results + Ruby and the Ruby

The results of Coins for Change is on the bullion at the Beach! Check how much we all donated! 12,261,193,800 coins! 😮 Fish sticks that’s over… 12 billion coins, correct?

How many coins did you donate? I had a lot so I donated… *finds piece of paper* 105,600 coins on two accounts total. 🙂 Oh how broke I am now 😆
Ruby and the Ruby’s back! Yay for my favorite stage! I really think they should make a sequel to it. Anyways, the guide to finding the ruby is below. Or you can rely on the script!

Same old in the catalog. Click the doorknob for the Dark Detective Coat and pull down the very back for a hidden background!

What do you guys think about a sequel to Ruby and the Ruby?

January Penguin Style Calalog Secrets!

Today I’m going to try something different. I’m going to post only the new secrets in the catalog. Please understand, it’s a lot easier for me.
First secret! Click the paint bucket on the penguin’s head for both Viking Helmets. Four times for the Blue Helmet.

Second secret, click the tree for the Big White Scarf!

Click the blue lights for the Puffle Pullover. Forgot it last time..

Click the treetop for the Blue Earmuffs! (Also forgotten!)

Click the mountain top for the Snowman costume! (Forgotten again)

Click the bubbles for the Scuba Diver outfit!

Four old backgrounds! Perhaps it’s return rerun? (Meaning old items are coming back)

Any thoughts on the catalog?

Holiday Party Complete Guide! (In Rhyme!)

Ho, ho, ho! The Holiday Party is off to a full swing! Everything’s so decorative and pretty.. How can you not be in a Christmasy mood?
Okay, so I thought I’d do something different for this update. I’ll turn it into a poem! Ready? Here we go!

 ♫ When I stepped out of my igloo, my eyes grew wide. The Holiday Party had started, what a surprise! All around me were lights, decorations and snow. There were so many directions for me to go!
I headed first to the Dock, where penguins were skating about, and saw a pin near the water. No, it wasn’t a trout.

After picking it up, I decided to explore, so I visited the Dance Lounge, where Santa’s “elves” were running the “store”. There was an entrance and sign that said, Santa Sled, Win a Prize!, so I went in to find out his giant sled’s size!
Suddenly I was on Santa’s Sled with many other people! “Push the red button to drop the presents into the chimney!” One said. “Oh, and don’t forget the steeple!” (Couldn’t think of another rhyme)

I pushed the “Fly” button and we flew into the air. Over every chimney dropped the presents filled with love and care.
After I had delivered 15 presents in all, a gift popped up! No, it wasn’t a doll! It was a Santa bag, filled with little toys and trinkets. Now I can be Santa Claus for Christmas!

I decided then to head for the Beach. I heard Rockhopper had returned and there was a coin goal to reach. Down in the Ship’s Hold he had brought some rare things. When I bought one of each, my coins went, cha-ching!

I checked out Rockhopper’s To-Do list. Boy, does he sure have the Christmas Spirit! (Doesn’t really rhyme, I know)

I played Treasure Hunt for a little before, I went to the Lighthouse, where there were coins GALORE! Coins, coins, as far as the eye could see! Seeing that many coins gave me much glee!

However, even more coins were needed. For Club Penguin’s goal, was even higher then ever believed! Up to the top, the Beacon all the way! Let’s help Club Penguin reach their goal today!

Right after I saw their goal, I headed to the Beach with enough coins to fill a bowl!

I had three choices of which I could pick, but I couldn’t just pick one, that would just make me sick!

From 100, 500, 800, and 5000 I could choose, how many coins to each cause, I was willing to loose. But all were important, so I gave quite a lot. Enough to fill up quite a lot of pots!

Finally, there was a secret path in the Plaza and Town! And guess what? A huge Christmas tree was found!

Snowballs I threw were magically turned into decorations, which I threw on the tree, making a whole new creation!

Finally this rhyme has come to an end, now all that is left, is the big postcard send! (I send my friends Christmas postcards)
Thank you for reading, thanks for your time! I hope you liked my little rhyme! ♫
Happy Holidays!
Note: It wasn’t my best rhyme, but I tried my best. 🙂

Club Penguin Field-Op Mission #27 Guide!

New Field-Op! Head to HQ!

Strange tire tracks? We don’t have almost any vehicles on the island! What do you think it was?
Spoilers Below!
Okay, you’ll want to go to the Ski Village, and the place you want to look is behind the Tours stand.

Location found! Time to crack the code!

There’s another badge for ya! Hopefully soon we’ll find out who’s behind all this mischief.. I still think it’s Herbert..
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

December Better Igloos Catalog Secrets + New Music!

Check out the new December furniture catalog!

Click on the Coins for Change sign for the Holiday Lights!

Click the star on top of the tree for the Holiday Bells!

Click on the lantern for the Leaning Charlie Brown Tree!

Click on the wood stove for the Icicle Lights!

Click on the bird for the Iron Lamp Post!

Click on the top of the iron chandelier for the Knight Ice Sculpture!

Click on the grandfather clock’s, um.. what’s that called? A pendulum I think. Well, click it for the mirror!

Click on the bottom of the puffle statue for the HD TV!

Click on the beads for the Pipe Organ!

Click on the O for the Cauldron!

Click on the orb for the Creepy Cottage Cut-Out!

Click on the mouse for the Umbrella Table!

That’s all for the catalog! There’s some cool new Christmas music you can use in your igloo too!

What was your favorite item in the catalog? What about favorite song?
Until next time, Waddle on and decorate away!

Club Penguin Field-Op Mission #25 Guide

New field-op this week! I’m really being to suspect Herbert’s behind this.

Spoilers below!
If you go to the Plaza, the Ticket Booth is the booth to go to!

Location found! Recharge the system!!

You’ve earned another badge!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

December Penguin Style Catalog Secrets!

Hohoho! December is here! Christmas is right around the bend! And there are some new outfits to put us in the Christmasy mood!

First off, click on the F in Coffee for the Blue Fuzzy Hat! Ooh, it’s all fuzzy 😆

Next, click on the yellow puffle for the Candy Cane Wing-warmers! Mmmm.. they look yummy..

Click on the tree top on the left and right for the Blue Striped Scarf and Blue Mittens!

Click on the tree for the Gingerbread outfit!

Click on the blue decoration for the Snowboard Boots! They’re cooool 😀

Click on the tree for the penguin wearing.. the.. cool outfit 😆

Click on the penguin’s beak for the Blue Designer Scarf!

Click on the purple penguin’s beak for the Pink Designer Scarf if you’re not a fan of blue! 😀

Click on the fish for the Blue and Red Viking Helmets! (Click four times for the Blue Viking Helmet)

Click on the penguin’s beak for the Frankenpenguin Costume, and click on the other penguin’s beak for the Frankenpenguin’s Head!

Click on the ghost’s face for the Crook and Flail!

Finally, click on the tree for the school boy outfit! *sniffles* Bye bye outfit, I’ll miss you! 😆

There’s also two new backgrounds and two old ones! The fire in the one on the top left is animated!

That’s all for the EPIC Christmas catalog! I think it was well worth the wait!
What do you think? Were the outfits worth the wait? And if you’re not a member, which is your favorite outfit?
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!