EPF Sneak Peek

Hello EPF agents. New sneak peek on the blog. Rather creepy too. Take a look below

Hello Penguins!

Please note: this message is classified and should be viewed by EPF Agents only.
Elite Agents – the island needs your help.

Check out this top secret image to see what we’re up against:

We have a defense plan – but we need to strengthen our numbers!

are advised to be on the look out for new recruits. Send the EPF

postcard to any penguins you think are up to the challenge.

What do you think of the top secret image? Let us know in the comments and keep watch for any suspicious activity.

What the fish sticks IS that?! Looks mean whatever it is… Maybe a computer bug or a new vehicle for the bad guys? Or it could be a robot!


Club Penguin Times Issue #273: EPF…Revealed?!

News Flash! The final number of coins has been counted! Coins for Change results are at the Beach!

*Please note. The following article is for Elite Agents only.
This has to be the most shocking article I’ve ever read! No lie, this is majorly serious.

What’s up with this?! Who told the media about the EPF? It’s all too sudden.. Do you really think it was the Director, or was someone else’s flipper, or paw, involved in this matter? *suspicious look* EPF page for more info..

Onto less pressing matters, a new exploration is being set into motion! Where are we exploring next? …NO IDEA! 😀

An expedition sounds fun.. I wonder if it’ll take penguins minds off the news about the EPF. Eh.. doubt it.
Any thought about this week’s newspaper? Comment below!

Club Penguin Field-Op Mission #27 Guide!

New Field-Op! Head to HQ!

Strange tire tracks? We don’t have almost any vehicles on the island! What do you think it was?
Spoilers Below!
Okay, you’ll want to go to the Ski Village, and the place you want to look is behind the Tours stand.

Location found! Time to crack the code!

There’s another badge for ya! Hopefully soon we’ll find out who’s behind all this mischief.. I still think it’s Herbert..
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

Club Penguin Field-Op Mission #22 + New Elite Gear!

Hey there agents! It’s Tuesday, and G has another mission for us!What?! Another popcorn bomb?! It HAS to be Herbert! 👿 Quickly! Off to stop it!
Spoilers below!
You can find the barrel at the Hidden Lake by the ladder.

Quickly! Disable the device!

Congrats for another metal! Oh, what’s this? New elite gear? Cool!
It kinda reminds me of a space outfit 😛

What do you think of the new gear? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!
Until next time, Waddle on and disable popcorn bombs! 😆

New Pin and Cloudy Weather!

Yay for new pins, and I guess the cloudy weather. 😐
The new pin, which is a water spout, it at the Beach near the water!

Part of me says, “Ick!” to the weather. The other part of me says, “WHOO RAIN’S COMING!”
Well, in any case, you can go anywhere on the island, even OFF the island and you’ll see cloudy skies.
Ice Berg


Man.. Those clouds look pretty dark. I wonder when it’ll rain! That’s right, I believe it’ll rain, although logically that’s impossible. 🙂
When/do you think it’ll rain? (Okay.. I just confused myself writing that. :lol:)
Until next time, Try not to get rained on! 😀

Club Penguin Field-Ops Mission #21 Guide

Hey everyone, the newest field-op is here! G has some urgent orders for you!

WHAT!? Who is smart enough to make a complicated virus? Has Herbert gotten access to a computer or something? 😮
Spoilers below!

You don’t have to leave the room this time! The location is actually by the EPF scanner!

Make sure to click on your spy phone to engage the mission! This one’s a bit more tricky than the others have been, so take your time. Slow and steady wins the race!

It works like this. The metal chip is your movable piece. The directions on the bottom left are the commands for the chip to do certain things. You click the commands and push play when you want the chip to follow them.

You’ll receive another cool badge/metal when you finish the field-op!
So who do you think made that bug, if it was made at all?

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

Club Penguin Field-Ops #15 Guide

Hey everyone, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Sorry for not posting for quite a while. School’s been rough. Plus, I was getting a little bored of updating, so I decided to take a break. I’m hopefully back for a while. Thanks to everyone for understanding!

Anyways, getting onto business, it’s the 15th field-op mission! As usual, head to HQ for orders.

If you know about the scanner that we set up last week, then you also know the EPF has suspicions that the sabatoger is not Herbert. Who else do you think it could be? *suspicious music*

Anyways, if you want to fix the scanner, it’s hidden in one of the only buoys on the island.

Where is this buoy? Check the Beach next to the Lighthouse.

Location Found! Time to bypass the system so that we can fix it!

After you’ve done so, you’ll receive another metal! That makes three for me!

All the previous updates I’ve missed will be below this post. Make sure to check them out!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!