Puffle Party and Feb-March Better Igloos Catalog!

Hi everyone! The puffle party started! There’s only one free returning item at the Cove, which is the pirate bandanna.


There’s a postcard advertising the Puffle Party! Send it to your friends who forgot or don’t know about it!


If you go to the Lighthouse and stand in a certain spot, the yellow puffle will draw a picture of you! 😀


The puffles each have their own room.

Blue: Forest

Red: Cove

Pink: Ice Berg

Green: Beacon

Yellow: Lighthouse

Black: Pool

Purple: Dance Club

Here are what ANCIENT puffles might have looked like. Guess which puffle is which!


The new Better igloos catalog came out! Here are the secrets!

On page 6, click the Pinata head for the Aquarium!


On page 8, click the snow fort for the Green birdhouse! (Question: Why do we even need one? We don’t have any other birds besides penguins here! =/)


On page 9, click the velvet rope for the Welcome mat!


On the Community Page there’s a new penguin poll!


Also, Rockhopper’s ship can now be seen from the telescope! He’s coming back!


That’s it for now! I haven’t spotted the Mysterious Puffle yet, but maybe it will show up sometime soon!

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!



Club Penguin Times Issue #175 & Mysterious New Puffle?

Sorry for the late update. WordPress wasn’t working on my computer. 😦 Thankfully my dad fixed it! 😀

Here’s the front page! This week, the newspaper’s almost completely about puffles! 😀


The puffle party starts tomorrow! Here’s the flyer for it! Puffles are SOO cute! ^^


Club Penguin’s added something new to the newspaper! Sensei’s Fortune Cookie! This week’s fortune is,Keep an eye out for pirates! *hint hint!*


Here are the upcoming events! The puffle party, a new better igloo’s catalog, Rockhopper returns, and a new style catalog!


Yesterday my friend Firedude5 pointed something out to me. You know the puffle wallpaper? Well, there’s a puffle hidden in darkness in the puffle condo! Hmm… A new puffle? Possibly. If so, what color and what would it be like?


I think Brown or Orange and it’s ability, I don’t know. Well, my guess is that it’ll show up at the puffle party sometime. So keep an eye out!

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Mysterious Drawer in HQ

I wonder what it’s doing there! Any ideas? I have a hunch, but I won’t share my idea..


I’ll give you a hint. It may have something to do with tomrrow.

Update: Mimo has just confurmed my hunch. It’s the secret (not so secret anymore) CP Elite Penguin Force HQ! Apparently, you can unlock it with a code you get when you get the Elite Force game.

Dojo Construction Complete, Rumors, and new feature!

The construction is complete and I love the way the Dojo and Dojo Courtyard look! You can pick up a pair of shoes there!



The inside of the Dojo rocks too!! There’s a gong every five minutes where you can throw snowballs at it to make a sound. I like it! 😀


So umm.. Yeah.. *cough* I’ve umm.. heard rumors about.. a Yeti living in the mountain. Several people caught a glimpse of this weird experience. I heard the rumor from several penguins. Here are several videos about some penguins who saw it. BTW, this ISN’T mine.

Weird huh? Some people say its-you-know-who and some people believe there really is a Yeti! Who knows who’s right!!

Oh! There’s a new feature! You can now mute the music and see what server you’re on!


Hey.. another thing. First of all, don’t forget to go train to be a Ninja on the 17th! And second..

Do you think Sensei, that one day we’ll be able to meet him while waddling around? ……. It’s a possibility.

New wallpaper and penguin poll on the Community Page, plus a sneak peek of the upcoming stage!


And as for the best stage? SOOO Ruby and the Ruby!


Awesome stage sneak peek huh? What do you think it’ll be?