Coins for Change Results + Ruby and the Ruby

The results of Coins for Change is on the bullion at the Beach! Check how much we all donated! 12,261,193,800 coins! 😮 Fish sticks that’s over… 12 billion coins, correct?

How many coins did you donate? I had a lot so I donated… *finds piece of paper* 105,600 coins on two accounts total. 🙂 Oh how broke I am now 😆
Ruby and the Ruby’s back! Yay for my favorite stage! I really think they should make a sequel to it. Anyways, the guide to finding the ruby is below. Or you can rely on the script!

Same old in the catalog. Click the doorknob for the Dark Detective Coat and pull down the very back for a hidden background!

What do you guys think about a sequel to Ruby and the Ruby?

Space Adventure Planet Y Returns to the Stage!

Yay! The stage is finally here! *glances at clock* Slightly late, but oh well. (Emphasis on slightly)

Ah, as cool as I remember it! No secrets in the catalog though, and that’s irking. -_- Although there IS a new outfit. 🙂
Do you like this stage? What’s your favorite?

Bamboo Forest Returns!

Hey everyone, check it out! The Bamboo Forest has returned to the stage!

If you read the script, you’ll see that you can find the golden feather outside of the stage. The Funny Pig gives you a hint…

You can find the feather pin at the Mine Shack, since the clue was, “..where things grow.”

If you bought the Magical Crown from the Stage Catalog and have the feather pin, then your hat will automatically gain a golden feather!

Speaking of the Stage Catalog, there are no secrets in it. Just the old costumes. 😦

If you want the background and you don’t already have it, go back to the stage and cross over to the queen’s palace. Step next to the indent in the floor and you’ll receive this background!

Cool huh? Hope this helped you!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Squidzoid VS Gamma Girl and Shadow Guy Returns, Fall Fair Preparations, New Igloo Pin, and Save Your Igloos!

Here are the latest updates from Club Penguin! I decided this once to squeeze them all into one post. 😛 Hope you don’t mind.

Squidzoid, Gamma Girl and Shadow Guy are back at the stage!

What? No hidden secrets in the catalog? What’s up with that?

There are a few boxes at the Beach for the Fall Fair. Rockhopper will be bringing the rest right before the party.

Down at the pool, there’s a new igloo pin! Nice place to put it. SWIMMING IGLOOS!

The new feature in your igloos is that you can now buy an igloo and choose it whenever you want! All you lose is the flooring.

What do you think of all the updates? Let me know!

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Underwater Adventure Stage Returns!

A favorite stage has returned to the theater today! The Underwater Adventure!

There are no secrets in the catalog, but all the outfits for the play are available!

What stage was your favorite?

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Easter Egg Hunt, Pin and Quest for the Golden Puffle returns!

Note: Sorry this post took so long. I was helping my dad with the fence.

The Easter Egg Hunt was fun! I got a little stumped on the third question though. Having trouble? Here’s the guide to find the eggs!

Egg 1: In the light outside of the Night Club.


Egg 2: In the water at the Cove.


Egg 3: In the Mine Cart in the Mine.


Egg 4: The lantern on the right at the Dojo.


Egg 5: Under the fuzzy hat at the Gift Shop.


Egg 6: In the fish bin at the Ski Lodge.


Egg 7: In the post on the Mountain.


Egg 8: In the light at the Beacon. Click the Off/On switch to turn off the beacon light.


And your reward is the Pink Bunny Ears!


The pin, which is a chocolate bunny, is hidden in the Forest.


Plus, the Quest for the Golden Puffle is back!  There’s only one secret in the catalog. Click the Golden Puffle on page 2 for the Crook and Flail.


There’s a new coloring page, featured igloo and penguin poll on the Community Page!




That’s it for today!

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Penguin Play Awards, Snow Sculptures and Furniture Catalog

Hey there! The Penguin Play Awards have started!


Special guests eh? I bet I can guess! 😉

The penguin play stage is awesome! There’s a video running in the background, so you can watch some short clips on what the stages are about!


In the stage catalog, click the penguin award for the awards background!


Click the P for the Cheap Time hat.


Click the VS for the Squidzoid costume!


You can vote for your favorite stage/s in the Plaza!


Check out backstage! It’s almost EXACTLY the same from the music festival!


You can pick up an award! Hurry! There’s only three left! (LOL Just kidding)


The sculptures are cool! Here’s the one made by Rosette37!


This one was made by Wubby98!



This one was made by Ice4biel!


And this one was made by Lucasbas!


There’s some new music on the list! All five songs from the five nominee stages! Noir Noises is MY FAVORITE!


There’s a new furniture catalog! Click the Guitar box for the Disco Ball!



Click the word Puffle for the White Puffle Poster!


Click the Koi Pond for the Ice Table! An item that hasn’t returned for a while.



Click the Pinata for the Aquarium!


And the Welcome Mat is STILL hidden in the Velvet Rope.


The Birdhouse is also in the same place. Click the snow tower on the right.


On the Community Page there’s a new penguin poll about the Awards!


There’s a new postcard and pre-existing postcards that have been changed!



Whew! That’s a long post! One more thing. I made a poll about the stages to see which is the best to you!

That’s it! And that’s a SUPER LONG POST!

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!