Water ALL over the island+ Water Dojo!

Well, I guess I was wrong when I thought the only thing I’d be updating about today would be the field-op!
The entire island has tons of water around it, which is all being pumped to the new water dojo! (At least that’s my guess) You can help at two (correction, three) stations by throwing snowballs into the container.

Check out the water! There’s also a free item you can pick up at the Snow Forts!

Pool and Mine

Coin Mine and Underground Room (Can’t remember their real names)
How has Gary’s invention and the computer NOT shorted out yet from the water?

Check out the Dojo Courtyard too! The video for Card-Jitsu Water has taken Card-Jitsu Fires’ place! Plus you can see the storm clouds in the background!

Check out the Dojo too!

Hey.. hang on, what’s that large gap under the used-to-be stairs? *goes to check*
…Oh fish sticks.

It’s the water dojo, no way! How awesome is that!! Oh.. urp.. getting a little seasick.. Is this place rocking back and forth or is it just me?
Once you’ve explored all the decorated rooms, you’ll earn a stamp! There are two new ones you can earn.

What do you think of the water dojo? Was it what you expected or not? Leave a comment below!
Until next time… WATER BALLOON FIGHT!