Puffle Rescue

Level 1: Ice Level

Objective: Hop from ice block to ice block to the blue puffle. Retrieve it and go back to start.

If you move too fast on the ice, you may slide. Beware of small cracks in the ice! You can stand on them, but only for a second before they crack and cave in.

When you pick up a puffle, the blue tile it’s on is a checkpoint. If you end up falling into the water, you’ll be revived at the last checkpoint you were on other than the start.

Watch out for sharks who eat the ice. They move in patterns, so you can avoid them by watching that pattern.

The red boueys bounce you into the water if you run into them.

After you rescue a puffle, you’ll get a message like this. “Thank you -insert penguin name here-!”

Level 2: Mine Level

Objective: Find the pink puffle and bring it back to start.

Cross the mine carts to the other side where the pink puffles are located. Some carts move fast and some move very slow.

There are two kinds of crates, safe, and unsafe. The crate with the wood stapled onto it is safe to stand on for as long as you want. The crates WITHOUT the wood you may only stand on for a moment before it caves in and you fall.

Now, the longer you’re away from a checkpoint, the darker it’ll become. Not really a problem, except for seeing the crates ahead of you.

A few levels after the start, there will occasionally be a long pipe surrounding the stage. Air pumps through this pipe and comes out in several spots. (The places it’s capped)

Avoid this strong burst of air or you’re in danger of being knocked over the edge.

The cool thing is, there’s sometimes a little bonus waiting for you by the pipes. ;) A bag with full of coins for a little point boost!

A level or two later, some snowball machines show up. If they target you, it’ll follow your direction and launch a snow ball at you. This can be both good and bad.

The bad thing is, if you’re hit by a snowball, you’ll be knocked over the edge if you’re next to it.

The GOOD thing is, you can earn points by destroying other snowball shooters. Have one cannon’s snowball destroy the other by standing between them until one glows and fires a snowball. Then you can move out of it’s path.

To avoid the snowballs, hide behind the rocks. They’ll hide you from the cannons’ view and block incoming snowballs.

Another good and bad thing. The bat! Sometimes there are puffles high up and you can’t get up to them. If there’s an orange pad anywhere around, you can step on it and a bat will come to your aid. Friendly thing! :D

You can control the bat’s movements by using your arrow keys. Keep it from bumping into obstacles or you’ll fall and have to start all over again.

There’s also a big boulder/snowball you’ll have to avoid in later levels, starting around level 9 or 10.

Picture coming soon

Level 3: Water Level

Objective: Find the black puffles and safely get back to start with them!

BEWARE of the octopuses!! They may look cute and cuddly, but they give quite a shock! Stear clear of them!

Sometimes the puffles are really high up and you can’t reach them. Thats where the fans come into use. They propel you high enough to swim quickly to the black puffles and sometimes back. Remember: Fans are your friends.

Another friend of yours is the bubble. They appear in some levels and when you’re crossing a long distance, they can help you stay airborne, or in this case, waterborne for a short time, although they’re not as effective as the fan..

In the levels with very little to no land and many bubbles rising, the puffles aren’t located on land, but in floating bubbles. It makes finding them slightly harder, but more fun and treacherous to get.

Speaking of staying afloat and puffles, the more puffles you have with you, the bigger chance of sinking or slipping.
So when you have a lot of puffles, be quick and careful about your path. If it’s easier for you, you can drop off puffles at the start at ANY time.

Extra: Secret Door in Level 3.

Objective: Follow the squid to the secret passage

If you’re a member, start the 3rd level. After you get the black puffle, the giant squid, will suddenly appear from the bottom of the screen! Follow it as quickly as you can and don’t loose sight of it!
It’s pretty hard since you have a long distance to travel with no land. Use the few bubbles are there to help you. Unfortunately, if you sink you have to start over. :( *Don’t let the squid get too far ahead. He speeds up like he knows you’re following him :o.

If you manage to follow squid all the way, you’ll reach a trench. You can actually rest on those light blue spots if you need a break.

After following the ledge all the way through, you’ll find a passage with a staircase. Don’t mind that green wall, you can go through the thin layer.
Congratulations! You’ve found your way into the Underwater Passage! Claim the key pin as your reward. Now you can use the locked gate to the ocean whenever you want!

Extra: Hidden Coin Bags in Level 2
In order to get the stamp, you have to find the hidden coin bags hidden throughout several levels.

The grey arrow points the direction you need to go. You may think there’s no path there, but there actually is! It’s just invisible! The path glows yellow when you jump on it.
Level 1 Path: 2 forward, 3 left, 2 down, 3 right, 2 down.
Level 4: 5 forward, 6 up, 6 left.
Level 7: 10 down, 4 right, 3 down, 5 left, 2 down, 3 right, 5 down.
More info to come!

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