Igloo Ideas

Hello Penguins! It’s me, Mini Pengy18! So, Some penguins got confused what sort of Igloos They Should have right?  Well that problem is no more!

Now you can come here everytime and take some ideas from below. This page will be updated with a-w-e-s-o-m-e new igloos! So Lets check em’ out, shall we?

Normal Igloo:

This Igloo has everything: Kitchen, Living Room and much more! Here are some items you need:

  • Kitchen Stuff Like: Fridge, Oven, Blender, Coffee Maker… etc…
  • Plants to decorate: Rockhopper Plants are the best choice!
  • Living Room Stuff Like: Sofa, Teddy on Sofa, Lamp, Clock…etc…
  • Dining Room Stuff Like: Table, 4 chairs (if table is bigger you need more)  plants near table to decorate it …etc…
  • Grand Father Clock (near door best choice)
  • Some more decorations to make the igloo look best

Beach Igloo:

    Ahhh! Yes! A Beach Igloo! Cool, right:

    • About 30+ Blue Puffle Beds to make the sea
    • A Bodyguard to take care your own beach xD
    • Some Flowers and Tress (Coca Trees are the best)
    • Some Stuff from the Water Party
    • Balloons and Fans
    • Bench and Umbrellas
    • Sand Floor

    – – – – –

    More igloos to come…


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