Club Penguin Times Issue #264: Stormy Weather Styles

Hey everyone, although the Halloween Party’s over, the storm is still lingering over the island. Kinda depressing without the spooky music..

There are going to be some new outfits today that’ll help keep the island cheery and.. if it rains, which I doubt it will, dry! Actually.. I do think it’s possible. I mean.. with *coughwaterjitsucough* coming, I wouldn’t be surprised if it flooded..

Gary and other scientists are baffled as to the storm’s duration. No one knows how long it’ll last, and Gary’s too “busy” to do more research.

Hehehe.. He looks funny with that on his head..
Congratulations to the second batch of the Halloween Igloo Contest winners!

Aww.. I didn’t win.. I wanted to though. Here was my igloo this year.

Oh well, there’s always next year, right? 🙂
Finally events! HORRAY! Space Adventure’s coming back! *dances*
Do you think it’ll flood? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!

You Decide: Card-Jitsu Power Card!

Hey everyone, here’s another You Decide from the Club Penguin Team. 🙂 I liked option 1, but option 2 seems to be very popular.

Hello Penguins!
The last time there was a You Decide poll, the team thought it was VERY cool how so many of you asked for the Squid Lid. And guess what? You’ll be seeing it on the island this week! Check out Rockhopper’s Rare Items…
Today we want your help to pick a Card-Jitsu Power Card. These 3 choices are from the Festival of Flight event last August when the island was afloat and you guys found a bunch of ways to explore the sky:
If you can see this, your browser doesn’t understand IFRAME tags.
Card Jitsu Power Card Option A
Option A
Card Jitsu Power Card Option B
Option B
Card Jitsu Power Card Option C
Option C
The card you pick will be made into a Card-Jitsu Power Card in the Dojo with its own animation. PLUS it’ll be in a future trading card set so you can play it offline, too!
Let us know which one you want to see most. And if you’ve got any other ideas for cards, make sure you tell us in the comments.
Sorry I can’t get the vote up here. Head over to the blog to vote!
Until later, Waddle on and discover new adventures!