August Penguin Style Catalog Secrets! *Updated!*

Note: Whoops! Forgot one secret! Thanks for the help Mini Pengy!

Sorry for the late post! I had some important phone calls from my teachers and internet problems and forgot about the clothing catalog. ^^; But without a further delay, here it is!

The Create Your T-Shirt has some new designs! Check them out!

Click on the mountain top for the green hiking boots!

Click on the penguin’s foot for the lasso, a long time ago classic!

Click on the treetop for the blue duck! Quack Quack!

Click on the brown penguin’s eye for the climbing gear outfit!

Click on the penguin’s foot for the acoustic sunburst guitar! One I missed last time!

Click the treetop for the 3D glasses!

Click on the knob for the supernova suit!

Click on the second knob for the rocker wig!

Click on the speaker knob for the blue sunglasses!

Click on the speaker for the purple electric bass guitar!

Click on the piano for the red sunglasses!

Click on the tiki mask’s eyes for the trombone!

Click on the lowest bubble for the viking helmet. Click on it four times for the blue viking helmet!

Click on the golden embroidering for the Rapunzel outfit!

Click on the stone for the green hooded cloak!

There are also four backgrounds! One new, three returning!

Did I miss anything? Let me know below! And also what you think of the outfits!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!