New Pin and Cloudy Weather!

Yay for new pins, and I guess the cloudy weather. 😐
The new pin, which is a water spout, it at the Beach near the water!

Part of me says, “Ick!” to the weather. The other part of me says, “WHOO RAIN’S COMING!”
Well, in any case, you can go anywhere on the island, even OFF the island and you’ll see cloudy skies.
Ice Berg


Man.. Those clouds look pretty dark. I wonder when it’ll rain! That’s right, I believe it’ll rain, although logically that’s impossible. 🙂
When/do you think it’ll rain? (Okay.. I just confused myself writing that. :lol:)
Until next time, Try not to get rained on! 😀

November Penguin Style Catalog Secrets!

Hello again everyone! Well, it was a little late, but the new catalog, along with some other things, is finally here!

Click on the tree for the penguin wearing.. I’m not sure which outfit. 😛

Click on the penguin’s beak for the blue designer scarf! (Doesn’t that raincoat look more like pajamas..?)

Now if blue JUST isn’t your style, there’s the pink designer scarf in the penguin’s beak on the next page! 😀

Eh, I know the picture’s sloppy. You get the point though, right? Click on the fish for the blue and red viking helmets!

Click on the penguin’s beak for the Frankenpenguin costume, and click on the other penguin’s beak for the Frankenpenguin’s head!

Click on the ghost’s face for the Crook and Flail!

Click on the tree for the school boy outfit!

Click on the treetop for the blue duck! Quack quack!

Click on the penguin’s eye for the rock climbing outfit!

Click on the tree for the 3-D glasses! Gosh, a lot of trees sure hold a lot of items!

Click on the penguin’s foot for the sunburst guitar!

Click on the mountain top (whew) for the green hiking boots, and the word December for the lasso!

There’s also a new background!

What do you think of the catalog? Do you think it was worth the wait? Please comment below! 🙂
Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!