Hey Again Everyone! :D

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?
Just so you guys know, I have been keeping up to date with what’s been going on in CP, even if I haven’t been here blogging.
A lot of things have changed, haven’t they? Club Penguin Shorts, voices being added, changes to the Pizza Parlor, Coffee Shop, and Gift Shop, and not to mention a lot of other things, including Operation: Blackout. (Which, by the way, is the most amazing thing since french toast.)

I got so excited when they first announced Operation: Blackout on Youtube. Mainly because the epicness and because G got penguin-napped. I remember I actually mentioned that idea to the Club Penguin Team four years ago. I can’t believe after all this time they ended up using it! :’D

Anyways, just a little update to pop in and say hi. Thanks to Club Penguin too for this awesome new update! Your stuff really keeps getting better and better! ^_^


Club Penguin Times Issue #211 + I met Gary again!

Sorry, I crashed the second I got home. High school sure is tiring. Anyways, a new issue of the cpt is out.


There are some cool things you should check out around the island.


Gary is concerned about the thunderstorm, for it shows no signs of stopping. In the meanwhile he’s giving some storm tips!


The winners and runner-ups of the contest are in! Congrats to the winners!



There are almost no events to look forward to, and when the heck will the next mission come out? I mean, come on! It’s been a year and a half now!


I met Gary again. He’s awesome, but he had to leave to go talk to Sensei.


Until next time,

Waddle on and have a spoookie Halloween!


Halloween Party 2009!

Forgive me for being late! I had a mandatory Chorus rehearsal that lasted still 5:30. But now I can post.

The Halloween party is absolutely SICK! It’s awesome! The scavenger hunt is cool too, and you get a nice pumpkin background!

All the steps for the hunt are here. First can be found in the Attic, second at the Dock, third at Pet Shop, forth at the Cove, fifth at the Pool, sixth at the Football Statium, seventh in the Forest behind the bush and eighth in the Mine, right hand corner.









When you collect them all you get a sweet pumpkin background! (Which I was too lazy to take a picture of :P)

If you go to the Mine, there’s a secret passageway. I’ll give you a hint instead of telling you. 😉

Click on what lights the room up.

That’s all the hint you get 🙂 When you open the passageway, you’ll be in G’s secret laboratory! 😀 There are some new costumes you can buy there! (Sorry! Members only!)


And keep your eyes open. You might even see the famous inventor himself!

The free items, which are the pumpkin headband and pumpkin mask, are located in the Plaza and the upstairs of the Haunted House.


Oh, the Haunted House is for members only too. 😦


The Haunted House is pretty much spooks and fun. That’s it. I think. No wait, no more thing. On the Fun Activities page, there are some new things you can do!


OKay, NOW I’m done. Enjoy Halloween! Until next time,
Waddle on and have a spoookie Halloween!
Wizard Bubblegum423

Festival of Flight Items and Other Awesomeness!

I’ll tell you what, when I got on Club Penguin today, I was absolutely stunned! I could not believe everything that I saw! This is, by FAR, one of the best parties EVER! You can pick up the free non-member item in the Plaza. It’s a green propeller hat!


You can pick up the new pin, which is a sandcastle in the Mine. I don’t know why they didn’t make a pin like a cloud or something. Why a sandcastle during the Festival of Flight?


If you head over to the Forest, there’s a hot balloon ride you can take! It’s for members only though. 😦


Uh oh, I think I’m getting air sick…


After a short while of riding, you’ll arrive on the Tallest Mountain! aka Gary’s Base of Operations! It has got to be the most awesome room ever!


You can grab a free jetpack here and help keep the island in the air by throwing snowballs at the target!


I’m going to be Gary’s assistant for the day. I’m going to keep an eye on things on the Tallest Mountain while he’s away.

Also, check out the homepage for Club Penguin! It’s kewl 😀


Until next time,

Strap on a jetpack and enjoy the Festival of Flight!

Assistant Bubblegum423