Another Visit from Sensei on Chinook (Again)

Hello fellow ninjas, I met Sensei again, but his visit today was short. We played two games after he spoke of our training, then he had to go. 😦 I guess Sensei is busy today. None the less, it was an enjoyable time.There was a large crowd though, so that took some pleaser away from it.

Then we played a game. Sensei asked us to throw snowballs at the sea animal gong that he called. He said seahorse and we all laughed because there wasn’t one. 😛

Then he asked us what our favorite game was and most of us said Card-Jitsu. When someone asked him if he wanted to play it, he said, “No, I need a break from Card-Jitsu.” I can understand that. He battles a lot of penguins each day. Take as long of a break you want Sensei. You deserve it. 🙂 (Shoot I forgot to save the picture)

Of course, all good things have to end sometime, and Sensei poofed away in a cloud of smoke. Who knows, maybe I’ll see him again soon!

Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!

Ninja Bubblegum423


Fire Dojo Updates and Sensei!

Hello ninjas of all ages. Sensei always has wise words to speak and often makes me ponder on them. You may get the chance to meet him if you head to the Ninja Hideout or the Fire Dojo. Oh! That’s right! The fire dojo is finally completed! Ninjas will soon learn fire jitsu!

I also met Sensei today. He had more wise words to say, but he also had a message for a sad non-member that couldn’t go to the Fire Dojo. He said, “You have a different mission. Instead of going to the fire dojo, you must help train other ninjas. I’m leaving that responsiblity to you.”

Sensei is so kind, to both members and non-members. His words could cheer up the saddest soul.

If you hadn’t noticed, he’s wearing a new fire outfit. The background is the same, but his outfit is different.

What I love about Sensei is that he responds to us. He responded to me, which made me so happy!!

After he said Sensei vanish, he didn’t really disappear. We found him out and he chuckled and said, “Hehehe. I cannot fool you. But, I believe now, that you are ready.”

Yes Sensei, we are ready to step up and take the challenge that you have put before us. It’s time to show everyone what we’re made of!!

Until next time,


lol, just kidding.

Snow and Sports Catalog, New Music, New Card Jitsu Ninja Progress and More Plants?

That title was a mouthful! Anyways, there’s a new Snow and Sports catalog out! There’s only one secret in it though.

Click the soccer ball to get the green soccer jersey!


There’s also a list of new music! Flipper Stomper, Coconut, Catchin’ Waves Theme, Puffle Ragtime, Summer Song, Mix Maestro and Water Kongo! My favorite would be Mix Maestro! What about you?


Now there’s a new way to see how close you are to getting your next belt! In the corner of the screen when you’re at the Dojo or inside, you can view your progress by clicking the cards!


When you do, it’ll look something like this! (I had to use a different penguin because I’m already a ninja)


Also, there are even MORE plants on the beach! I think it has to do with the mission, but it also has to do with something else! The Adventure Party!


Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Club Penguin Times Issue #189

Here’s a new issue of the Club Penguin Times!


The Dojo Igloo contest begins June 1st and will end on the 13th! Good luck to everyone!


Here are all the upcoming events! Yay! New music! I wonder what it’ll be!


There’s a new coloring page on the Community Page too!


Until next time,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Dojo Construction Complete, Rumors, and new feature!

The construction is complete and I love the way the Dojo and Dojo Courtyard look! You can pick up a pair of shoes there!



The inside of the Dojo rocks too!! There’s a gong every five minutes where you can throw snowballs at it to make a sound. I like it! 😀


So umm.. Yeah.. *cough* I’ve umm.. heard rumors about.. a Yeti living in the mountain. Several people caught a glimpse of this weird experience. I heard the rumor from several penguins. Here are several videos about some penguins who saw it. BTW, this ISN’T mine.

Weird huh? Some people say its-you-know-who and some people believe there really is a Yeti! Who knows who’s right!!

Oh! There’s a new feature! You can now mute the music and see what server you’re on!


Hey.. another thing. First of all, don’t forget to go train to be a Ninja on the 17th! And second..

Do you think Sensei, that one day we’ll be able to meet him while waddling around? ……. It’s a possibility.

New wallpaper and penguin poll on the Community Page, plus a sneak peek of the upcoming stage!


And as for the best stage? SOOO Ruby and the Ruby!


Awesome stage sneak peek huh? What do you think it’ll be?