EPF Sneak Peek

Hello EPF agents. New sneak peek on the blog. Rather creepy too. Take a look below

Hello Penguins!

Please note: this message is classified and should be viewed by EPF Agents only.
Elite Agents – the island needs your help.

Check out this top secret image to see what we’re up against:

We have a defense plan – but we need to strengthen our numbers!

are advised to be on the look out for new recruits. Send the EPF

postcard to any penguins you think are up to the challenge.

What do you think of the top secret image? Let us know in the comments and keep watch for any suspicious activity.

What the fish sticks IS that?! Looks mean whatever it is… Maybe a computer bug or a new vehicle for the bad guys? Or it could be a robot!


Club Penguin Times Issue #273: EPF…Revealed?!

News Flash! The final number of coins has been counted! Coins for Change results are at the Beach!

*Please note. The following article is for Elite Agents only.
This has to be the most shocking article I’ve ever read! No lie, this is majorly serious.

What’s up with this?! Who told the media about the EPF? It’s all too sudden.. Do you really think it was the Director, or was someone else’s flipper, or paw, involved in this matter? *suspicious look* EPF page for more info..

Onto less pressing matters, a new exploration is being set into motion! Where are we exploring next? …NO IDEA! 😀

An expedition sounds fun.. I wonder if it’ll take penguins minds off the news about the EPF. Eh.. doubt it.
Any thought about this week’s newspaper? Comment below!

EPF Elite Gear Update

Billybob’s got a few words to say about the new elite gear!
**Please note: this message is classified. Those who are not agents of the Elite Penguin Force should probably stop reading.Elite Agents – today I’ve got an update for you.

This week, a new EPF ‘class’ is being launched. What’s a class? It’s a special kind of job that an agent can unlock. Remember – you can trade in badges for Elite Gear in your phone.

The Tactical Class was introduced in August, and the new one is called the Comm Class. Check it out:


The team has some big plans for these classes. The details are top secret, but I will say there’s a LOT of important events coming up. Including hints to the location of a certain polar bear…
So what do you think is in store? Let us know in the comments, and keep watch for anything unusual.
Be ready. Waddle on!

Polar bear, eh? Seems like we’ll be seeing Herbert sometime soon.
When and where do you think we’ll see Herbert?
Until next time, keep an eye out for a polar bear!

Club Penguin Field-Ops Mission #11 (New Elite Gear!)

Hey everyone! It’s the second day of school for me and I can’t decide yet if it’s hard or easy! Here’s another guide on the weekly field-ops to get my mind off it! 🙂

Spoilers below! Don’t read if you want to figure it out yourself!

I wonder what kind of serious damage G was talking about! Well anyways, the speaker you’re looking for is actually rather hard to spot if you don’t know where to look. It’s at the Lighthouse in the bottom left corner.

Location Found! Disable the circuits!

End Spoilers

Whoo hoo! Finally I have enough for the final piece in the Alpha outfit!

…but what’s this? There’s a new tab in the elite gear! Whoa! Totally awesome stuff!

Now I sorta regret spending those last three badges on the shoes. Oh well XD

What do you think about the new gear?

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Field-Ops Mission 1 + New Spy Gadget Features!

Good afternoon penguins, Bubblegum here. If you are an EPF agent, then you’ll be receiving your first weekly objective today. Check your spy gadget for more info.

It’ll tell you to head for the HQ for your ‘mission’. Click on the screen on the right for it.

G will be assigning you the mission. It’s up to you to accept it or not.

…Really? More popcorn? I’m really starting to hate popcorn…

If you forget your mission, you can always click the “Field-Ops” feature in your spy gadget. It’s the first new feature! 😉

Spoiler!! If you want to find the location yourself, scroll past this part until you see “End Spoiler”


Head to the Town to find the “Big Letter S”. Take a guess on where it’ll be.
The bomb is hidden in the word “Disco”

Your spy gadget will begin to beep. Click on it to find out how to disable the bomb.

Match the correct symbol to one just like it to disable the circuit. Disable them all before time runs out.

If/When you disable the popcorn bomb, this message on your spy gadget will appear.

End Spoiler! 😀

If you want to obtain some new agent equipment… Click on the Elite Gear button. It’s the other new feature.

Awesome huh?? You can obtain your own EPF outfit this way! There’s the Delta outfit for boys… And the Alpha outfit for girls. (Scroll down the list to see it)

Here’s what Billybob has to say about the new Field-Ops!

Hello Penguins!

We asked Elite Agents to report for duty on June 15, and that time has come. Today we launch a new feature called “Field-Ops”, which will give agents weekly orders to keep the island safe. After what happened to the PSA, these orders will be more important than ever!

Field-Ops will put all of an agent’s skills to the test – their ability to search for clues, solve problems, and work under pressure. To start, there will be a number of tasks that agents will need to learn…

June 15 Sneak Peek.jpg

… and new ones will be added over time.

All Elite Agents will have access to Field-Ops, so you can work together with your buddies and fellow agents to solve them. But we’ve also planned some special rewards for members, including some all-new EPF gear.

Begin your first Field-Ops at the Command Room, and let us know what you think. Just don’t give away any surprises!

In other news – the Island Adventure Party starts this week. I’m keeping it a surprise, to let everyone explore it for themselves, so let us know what you think when it launches.

So? What do you think about the new features? The field-op? The annoying popcorn bombs? Let me know in your comments! 🙂

Until next time, Stay Sharp and Waddle on!


Everyday Phoning Booth; EPF HQ Revealed! *Updated!*

YES!!!! Check it out! The Everyday Phoning Booth is complete, but if you notice, the first letters down spell EPF! 😀

Check out the inside! Pretty snazzy, but tight security! Can you guess why?

Also, if you click on your spy phone if you were a PSA agent, a message from the EPF pops up!

Update: If you are a new penguin, or just got on today and aren’t an agent yet, you should get a message in your mail from the EPF. You have the find the button, then this message will appear. And yes, non-members can now become EPF agents too!

You’ll be sent to the testing room, aka the phoning room. I’m not going to post a guide on this because that would spoil all the fun, now wouldn’t it? 😉

After you complete the test, you will be graded on wheither or not you pass. If you do, then the door to the EPF HQ will open!

Congrats on becoming an agent! Check out our new HQ!

Your phone has also been upgraded to the new EPF spy phone! It’s like an Iphone! EPIC!

You have four functions right now. Teleport, Recrute, Puffle Whistle, and the Teleport to EPF HQ button. (Gold one at bottom)

A list of places pops up when you click the teleport button. Choose one of them to go there!

The recrute button is where you can send a postcard to a friend and recruit them for the EPF. You actually have to go to your mail though.

The message is invisible but it reads,

This is a top secret invitation.
You have what it takes to be a great agent.
Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility and take the test.
The rest is up to you.

If you have herbert’s Revenge, you can unlock the Puffle Whistle with a code. I currently don’t have it, but when I get it, I’ll be sure to show you how it works.

Finally the gold teleport button is like the “Teleport to HQ” button. It’ll take you straight to the EPF HQ.

So do you think you’re ready now? Go take the test and find out!

Until next time, Stay sharp and keep an eye out!

Agent Bubblegum423

I got the Elite Penguin Force Game Today!! :D

Yeah! I got it today! Around 11:00 EST at Target! I would have put a video on my blog showing me opening it, but unfortunately, I was so excited that I opened it the second we got into the car. lol XD Anyways, when you get the game, there’s a code that comes with the package. It’s hidden in the manual or somewhere like that. You can redeem it on line to receive three cool things! Note: the code can only be used once! And, it unlocks a secret room. Be sure to check it out. Hint: Check the Cabinet!

I finished the game! I’m fast as finishing video games. Luckily, I can still earn coins and upload them! And I’m trying to figure out this download thing. I can’t figure it out but I’ll let you know when I got it down.

Well that’s pretty much it for now. See you later fellow penguins!

OH! One more thing. Even though I’ve unlocked the secret room, for some reason the HQ monitor is still black! ???? I wonder what it’s for if it’s not for that room..


Until then,

Waddle on and discover new adventures!