Club Penguin Times Issue #261: Halloween Contest!

Hey everyone! Another issue from the Club Penguin Times is here!

The Halloween Contest starts tomorrow! If you want to enter, there’ll be a button you can click to enter!

Gary’s calculations indicate that another storm will be coming this year! Luckily, he says it might last longer than usual!

There’s some pretty cool events coming up too! 🙂

Until next time, Waddle on!


Club Penguin Times Issue #260: Halloween Igloo Contest!

Hey everyone, I’m proud to bring you the latest updates about the newspaper!

The Halloween Igloo Contest is coming up soon, so if you want to enter, spruce up your igloo!

Club Penguin’s 5th birthday/anniversary is happening on October 24th! Try not to miss it, because it’s a one day party!

Finally, events. I never have anything to say about here, do I?


Club Penguin Times Issue #247: Music Jam

The music jam is starting today, and the Club Penguin Times has several articles on it!

Soon the music jam will be starting! 😀 I think the guitar below is a new item that’ll be coming!

A special article tells you how to make a good conga line! Cool huh?

Check out the Secrets Revealed section. It has a different article I was interested in.

Awesome! That’s new! Finally, the events!

I’ll see you all later for the music jam updates!

Until later, Waddle on and discover new adventures!


Club Penguin Times Issue #246: Music Jam!

Well, this is a little strange for me, updating about everything on a Wednesday and all… but I’ll make the best of it!

Yes! The Music Jam IS going to be coming back this year! Horray! It begins on the th of July, so get ready!

If you want to express your music style, stop by the Gift Shop and buy yourself a new outfit from the Penguin Style Catalog!

Now for events!

Until next time, Waddle on and discover new adventures!